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Not all journeys have to be taken alone. There is comfort in knowing there are others going through similar issues as you, and strength from working on those issues together. Southeast Psych can help you find these others who share your struggles through our mental health support groups.

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img Group therapy can be a great place for children

Group therapy can be a great place for children, teens, or adults to explore, practice, and embrace change. After all, we often make more progress together than on our own. Many of our groups help you develop the skills needed to foster healthier relationships and improve social interactions.
Groups are generally small, usually consisting of 4 to 12 participants with similar needs and goals.

Group therapy sessions are held periodically throughout the year. We carefully match group participants to create an environment where you feel safe and can courageously explore change. Our Groups Coordinator is here to let you know which groups are currently being formed and can help you understand which group may be a good fit for your needs. Give us a call at 704-552-0116 or connect with our Groups Coordinator online.

Let us help you develop better relationships, greater balance, and a stronger sense of purpose.

Find others like you and find fulfillment together

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