Student Internship Program

Get firsthand clinical experience with Southeast Psych

Are you interested in a psychology internship?

As a large private psychology practice dedicated to making psychology accessible to as many people as possible so they can heal and grow as individuals, Southeast Psych is always on the lookout for candidates to participate in our unpaid internship program.

In particular, we are looking for college and graduate students who are both motivated and eager to learn and experience firsthand what it means to work in a large psychology practice. Whether it’s for class credit or to pursue your passion, we’re excited to have you.

img Are you interested in a psychology internship

What can you expect from an internship with Southeast Psych?


In addition to working in a relaxed, comforting environment filled with movie posters and equipped with an in-house film studio, you will participate in community events that may involve putting on costumes.


Gain firsthand insight into how a private psychology practice operates while in the company of numerous seasoned clinicians eager to impart their expertise and experience. You will participate in regular intern meetings that delve into topics such as grad school preparation and various psychology subfields.


Expand your network and make the most of opportunities to work with professional clinicians on special projects and research studies.


Stimulate your mind and challenge yourself by performing internship tasks such as creating worksheets, researching topics, leading presentations, writing informal literature reviews, working with clinicians on special projects, and more.


Participate in group therapy and summer camps that Southeast Psych offers. Assist with the pre-planning, setup, and implementation of these events. If you enjoy working with kids, then this opportunity is especially for you, as most of the group events are centered around children.

Staff meetings

Attend weekly staff lunch meetings for a behind the scenes look at the administrative side of an active private psychology practice.

If any or all of these expectations appeal to you, that makes you a good fit for our internship program, which means you should apply!

The application process

Ensure your application contains the following information about you:

img The application process
Email your completed application to

We look forward to receiving your application!

*Please note that if you or a family member are a current client of Southeast Psych, you are not eligible to apply for an internship.