Rachel Kitson, Ph.D.

Rachel obtained her BA in sociology at Brown University and her doctorate in psychology at UNC-Chapel Hill. She specializes in working with teens, young adults, and adults who are navigating interpersonal relationships, managing the stress associated with major life transitions, and striving for balance in their lives.
Her approach focuses on helping clients cultivate self-insight and derive personal values in order to promote change and growth. She has found this approach to be successful in working with clients who struggle with emotional expression, finding meaning in their lives, maintaining healthy boundaries, and managing the stress and expectations they place on themselves.
This includes workplace professionals, high school and college age individuals, married or committed couples, and individuals who have experienced trauma or significant stress. Rachel also works specifically with members of the LGBT community, helping them transcend invalidation in their lives and explore their gender and sexuality in an empowering way.
Areas of interest include anxiety, trauma, substance use, identity formation, stress management, emotion regulation, depression/bipolar disorder, couples counseling, diagnostic clarification, males and females with Asperger’s, issues surrounding identity and sexuality, and female athletes. Rachel provides assessment in issues surrounding learning, attention, motivation, mood, and personality. She provides individual, couples, group therapy, and CBT/DBT skills training to her clients.
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  • BA in sociology at Brown University
  • Earned a doctorate in school psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Experience in testing and assessment for academic, social-emotional, and behavioral concerns with children, adolescents, and young adults
  • Completed a practicum in the public school systems, as well as a hospital clinic and forensic settings
  • Completed her dissertation examining verbal memory and post-traumatic stress disorder in children who have been maltreated
  • Advocates for students and families in the schools and courts