A new live webinar every week!

Upcoming Webinars:

August Webinar Series – Mind Over Body – Wednesdays at 1pm (EST)

August 2nd – What Coaches Should Look for When Recruiting by Dr. Desaree Festa

August 9th – How to Get a Job in the Field of Sports Psychology by Dr. Desaree Festa

August 16th  – A New Way of Thinking That Helps Athletes Succeed by Dr. Desaree Festa

August 23rd – What Parents Should Know to Help Their Kids Be Life Long Athletes by Dr. Desaree Festa


September Webinar Series – Parenting Children on the Spectrum – Wednesdays at 1:00 PM (EST)

September 6th – Aspergers in Special Interests: Developing Social Skills Using the Gifts of the Special Interests by Dr. Ryan Kelly

  • Discussing social skills development in children who are on the autism spectrum.
  • How to develop skills while using the foundation of a special interest area.

September 13th – The Autism Spectrum and Sleep Disorders by Dr. Kristin Daley

  • How to overcome sleep issues on the autism spectrum

September 20th – Girls on the Autism Spectrum and Social Anxiety by Dr. Kelley Bolton

  • How to overcome social anxiety for girls on the autism spectrum.

September 27th – Classic Tabletop Gaming: How Games Build Social Skills on the Autism Spectrum by Dr. Megan Connell

  • Discusses how tabletop gaming is an essential tool in developing social skills for children on the autism spectrum.


October Webinar Series – Healthy Living Series – Tuesdays at 1:00 PM (EST)

October 3rd – Balance: The Continuous Struggle of a Working Mom by Maria Brady, LMFT

  • Identify the challenges working mothers face.
  • Creating a community to be honest with.
  • Steps to create a new normal session after the season.

October 10th – Communication: How to Be an Effective and Assertive Communicator by Dr. Rachel Kitson

  • Navigating interpersonal relationships (in the digital age).
  • How to ask for what you want and say “no”.
  • Developing authentic relationships and appropriate boundaries.

October 17th – Resilience: How to Bounce Back from Setbacks by Tarik Sloussi, LPC

  • What is resilience?
  • Benefits of resilience.
  • How can I be more resilient?

October 24th – Mindfulness: A Way of Life by Juliet Kuehnle, LPC

  • Definition and basic practices of mindfulness.
  • How mindfulness helps increase psychological flexibility.
  • Practical ways to improve upon and increase mindfulness in our daily lives.
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