A new live webinar every week!

Upcoming Webinars:


April Webinar Series – Wednesdays at 7pm

April 19 – Parenting on the Spectrum: How to help your kid succeed at home! Discipline vs. Punishment by Bea Moise

  • What is Executive Function?
  • How to help my child with Executive Function?
  • How to create a functioning routine to help with daily living?

April 26 – AspieGirls: Surviving puberty and the Middle School Social Scene by Kelley Bolton

  • Helping girls prepare for the physical changes of puberty and how to navigate that.
  • Understanding the developmental tasks of the tween years and what that means for peer relationships.
  • How to deal with conflict, mean girls, gossip, and unwritten social rules.

April 29 – Asperger’s, Gender, and Sexuality by Rachel Kitson (Please note this will be on a Saturday at 12pm)

  • Provide clinical definitions and background.
  • Discussion of co-morbidity and differentiation.
  • Current state of research and supporting those on the various spectrums.

May Webinar Series – Tuesdays at 1pm

May 2 – Living Healthy and Happy Lives,  Even with Chronic Pain by Barrie Morganstein

  • Better understand the impact of chronic pain on the body and brain.
  • Learn new approaches that are helpful in managing chronic pain.
  • Understand how “pain acceptance” can help minimize the experience of chronic pain.

May 9 – Gut Health by Lindsey McKeon

  • Understanding the Gut.
  • What is the Gut biome?
  • What can we do to improve Gut health and make ourselves healthier and happier?

May 16 What Anxiety Wants,  What Anxiety Needs by Andrea Umbach

  • Understand the big picture of anxiety.
  • Learn about what anxiety craves and how we unintentionally feed it.
  • Discover how to shift your goals toward more adaptive living.

May 23 How to Live a “Happier” Life by Tarik Sloussi

  • What is happiness?
  • Factors contributing to happiness.
  • How to maximize your potential for happiness.

May 30 Self-Compassion Can Be Your Super Power by Kristin Daley

  • Definition of self-compassion and its importance in physical and mental health.
  • The role of mindfulness in developing flexibility in self-concept.
  • Practices to increase self-compassion.

June Webinar Series – Wednesdays at 10am

June 7 – Raising Resilient Kids by Dave Verhaagen

  • Help your kid develop the right mindsets for resilience.
  • Encourage your child to develop behavioral habits that lead to resilience.
  • Find out what being a “two marshmallow kid” means.

June 14 – Tapping into your Parenting Strengths by Lauren King

  • Understand the benefits and difficulties of parenting this generation.
  • Identify the top 10 parenting strengths of effective parents.
  • Learn how to build on your own strengths.

June 21 – Helping Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep by Danielle Mizell

  • Understand why sleep is so important.
  • Learn important facts about sleep – circadian rhythm, melatonin, recommended hours of sleep based on age, etc.
  • Develop skills to try at home to improve your child’s sleep.

June 28 – Demystifying Mental Health Medications by Caitlin Rissler

  • Understand the role of medication in child mental health.
  • Recognize common misperceptions about these medications.
  • Make informed decisions about mental health medication for your kids.
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