Super Girls 10-11

This group offers girls a fun, positive, and supportive environment where they can develop friendships with other girls and build social and emotional.coping skills for use in daily life.

Girls will have a chance to meet and talk with other girls who have similar interests and who have had similar experiences including: dealing with bullies, feeling lonely or anxious in social situations, or feeling frustrated with life.


Through fun activities, games, and relationships with each other, this group will help girls develop the following:
  •  Skills for making and keeping friends
  • Strategies for communicating with others effectively
  • How to deal with mean girls, gossip, and bullies
  • Healthy and effective ways to cope with stress
  • Life skills to help you take care of yourself and feel more self-confident

Led by

Kelley Bolton, Psy. D.



6060 Piedmont Row Drive South
Suite 120
Charlotte, NC 28287             Map

T: 704.552.0116
F: 704.552.7550


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